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Man Could Spend Decades in Jail for Domestic Incident

According to reports, the police were forced to use a Taser on an Arizona man to detain him after he allegedly threatened a woman and her boyfriend with a knife and physically assaulted the man.

In the middle of the afternoon on February 10, a woman and her boyfriend were spending time together at a home in Maricopa. Another party was present, but his relation to the couple has not yet been disclosed. The motive for what transpired next was also not reported, but the situation reportedly became dangerous and intense.

The man reportedly told the woman’s beau that he wanted him to leave the home. When her boyfriend did not comply, and the man reportedly left the residence returned with a knife. With the blade in his hand, he allegedly began to threaten the couple, again insisting that the woman’s partner get out. It was reported that he started to feel like he could be in physical danger, so the man decided to leave.

The authorities were notified, and officers from the Maricopa Police Department went to the address to investigate the situation.

When they arrived and spoke to the alleged victim, she informed them that after her boyfriend left, the man followed her to her room and assaulted her by shoving her and punching her in the head.

While trying to detain the man, he allegedly refused to follow the officer’s directions, and they resorted to using a Taser on him.

The suspect was arrested, and he is expected to face charges of one count of aggravated assault, one count of domestic violence aggravated assault, two counts of disorderly conduct with a dangerous weapon, one count of domestic violence assault, and one count of misconduct involving a weapon. If he is found guilty and convicted, he could spend over three decades behind bars.

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