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Shell Employees Swiped Thousands in Staged Robbery

Two gas station clerks in Georgia are facing legal troubles after allegedly orchestrating and executing a fake robbery at work, where one of them played the role of the assailant and the other acted as the victim.

Around 12:10 AM on January 21, someone notified the authorities about an alleged attempted armed robbery at a Shell gas station that happened moments before they called. Officers from the Duluth Police Department headed to the address to investigate.

When they went inside, they reported that one of the employees was shaking and visibly distressed. They asked him what had happened, and the man reportedly said someone holding a knife came into the store and assaulted him. He said he was hit in the face and knocked out, and when he came to, he saw people stealing money out of the register. It was estimated that they left with $5,000.

The suspect reportedly left through the side door, and when an officer stepped outside, they heard noises coming from the dumpster. They saw a man standing in the area, and the alleged victim informed the officer that he was a coworker.

After viewing the surveillance video, the police reported that they could tell the incident was an act, but they were confused about the reason behind the behavior. The suspect reportedly said his coworker got him to go along with it. He said he threw away the knife and money in the dumpster at the gas station.

The alleged faux thief was taken into custody and booked into the Gwinnett County Jail. Records indicate that he is being held without bond. He is facing preliminary charges for one felony count of theft by taking, and one felony count of conspiracy to commit a felony.

The employee is also expected to face charges of conspiracy to commit a felony, in addition to one count of false statements or writings.

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