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Man Driving 120 MPH Blamed Song Lyrics for Speed

When an officer clocked a motorist at 120 MPH, the alleged lead-footed driver reportedly explained that the title of the song on the radio helped determine his driving speed.

Around 7:30 pm on February 20, 21-year-old Richard Lee Ortecho and a female passenger were reportedly traveling down Interstate 95 in an area close to Vero Beach.

As they cruised down the road, Ortecho was allegedly blasting the rap song “A Ciento Veinte” by the artist “Track Insano.”

An officer was driving on the highway, and reportedly noticed a vehicle approaching his car from behind at what he purported was a high speed.

The car reportedly caught up with and then whizzed past the officer’s vehicle, and he said he believed the driver was in a dark-colored Volkswagen.

When the officer checked his equipment to determine how fast the car was traveling, he reported that it read 117 MPH.

The driver allegedly ignored the officer as he tried to perform a traffic stop, and reportedly weaved in and out of traffic erratically as he continued down the Interstate.

According to the arrest report, the driver was able to escape apprehension for approximately 9 exits before traffic congestion inhibited his ability to continue.

When the officer spoke with the driver and identified him as Ortecho, he reportedly inquired about why the man was driving dangerously, and at such an accelerated speed.

Ortecho allegedly told the officer about the song he was listening to and said that the title translates to “120” so he chose that as the speed at which to travel. The man also reportedly said that the volume of the radio was so high he did not see the lights or hear the sirens, so he did not stop right away.

When Ortecho’s vehicle was inspected the police reportedly found paraphernalia and a small amount of what was purported to be marijuana.

Ortecho reportedly said that the items belonged to someone he had already driven home.

Ortecho, who reportedly said he did not know driving recklessly was against the law, is expected to face charges for felony fleeing from police, and misdemeanor reckless driving.

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