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Tenants Kidnapped and Left Bound in Snowy Cemetery

A New York landlord was arrested after he allegedly performed an illegal eviction by kidnapping two tenants at gunpoint and leaving them tied up in a secluded cemetery.

48-year-old Shawn Douglas lives in Albany in one of the units at the Grandview Terrance. Douglas has been the owner of the property since 2006, and he is the landlord.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has left many people with financial struggles, several states, including New York, have implemented a halt on evictions.

According to reports, Douglas has been trying to evict a 21-year-old female and a 32-year-old man from one of the units, but he has been unable to force them to leave the property because of the moratorium.

In the pre-dawn hours on February 21, Douglas allegedly entered his slumbering tenants’ unit.

While inside the residence, Douglas, who reportedly had a gun, allegedly covered the couple’s heads with pillowcases and used zip ties to bind their wrists. The landlord also reportedly kicked and beat the man.

Afterward, Douglas, who was believed to be in the company of two other men, reportedly forced them into a Dodge Durango and drove off with the captive couple.

The three men reportedly headed to Columbia County and made a stop at a motel on their way to their final destination with the pair.

They reportedly reached a cemetery approximately 35-miles from their home in Albany, and the ground was blanketed with snow.

The alleged victims, still bound with zip ties, were reportedly dragged from the vehicle and discarded on the ground before Douglas and his alleged helpers drove away.

The female wriggled free from the constraints and found a residence close by where she summoned for help.

In the afternoon on February 22, Douglas was taken into custody and booked into the Albany County Jail on a $50,000 bond. He is facing charges for suspicion of second-degree kidnapping.

It was not reported as to whether the two people allegedly assisting Douglas have been charged.

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