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Man Drove over Bridge Filled with Traffic at 136 MPH 

A Florida man allegedly sped over a traffic-filled bridge at over 130 MPH while a child was a passenger in the vehicle. 

19-year-old Eric Killins is from St. Petersburg. 

Early in the morning on November 11, Killins was reportedly driving around in a 2015 Infinity G37 with four people in the vehicle. It was reported that one of them was underage. 

According to the authorities, a vehicle matching the description of the one Killins was driving was on the Howard Frankland Bridge with approximately 50 other cars. 

The Infinity reportedly navigated through an area where construction was taking place before allegedly accelerating to a speed of 136 MPH, which is more than 70 MPH over the posted speed limit. The driver of the vehicle reportedly weaved their way around the other cars traveling on the bridge. 

Troopers with the Florida Highway Patrol pulled over the Infinity and approached the vehicle.  

When they looked inside the car, the troopers said they spotted a total of four people inside. One of the passengers was reported to be under 18, but their exact age was not disclosed. 

The troopers had their guns out when they ordered the driver, identified as Killins, and all the passengers to lay down on the ground. 

They all complied, and the deputies asked Killins why he was traveling at such a dangerous rate of speed. 

The man allegedly informed them that he was trying to race with another vehicle on the road. 

Killins was placed under arrest and booked into Hillsborough County Jail on a $1,250 bond for marijuana possession, unlawful racing, and reckless driving. After approximately 8 hours, he was released from custody. 

No one was reported as being injured during the incident. 

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