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Robber Caught Depositing Stolen Loot into Bank’s ATM 

A Delaware man was arrested after he allegedly robbed a Wells Fargo and then put the money into the ATM directly outside the bank. 

In the morning on December 11, a teller at a Wells Fargo in Wilmington reportedly had an encounter with a man assumed to be robbing money from the bank. 

The woman reported that she was slipped a piece of paper from the suspect informing her that he was robbing the bank and wanted $150. 

The teller complied with the alleged request and handed the man the money. 

It was reported that the suspect walked out of the bank and made a beeline for the ATM located outside the branch. The man allegedly made a deposit containing some of the cash he reportedly stole moments earlier. 

According to the police report, the suspect left the Wells Fargo lot and was found by an officer “directly behind the bank and approximately 100 feet from the bank property.” 

Law enforcement spoke with bank employees and people who reportedly witnessed the event, and they were told that the suspect had a black eye and was wearing a jacket with a camouflage pattern. 

The man found behind the bank, who was also reportedly sporting a black eye and a camouflage coat, was identified as 44-year-old McRoberts Williams. 

The officer apprehended him and shared Williams’ photo with the police inside the bank.  

It was reported that the bank’s security cameras confirmed that Williams was the person involved in the incident. 

The police reported that Williams did not have any money on him when they searched him, but they noted that he had a Wells Fargo bank card. 

When the police talked to Williams, the man reportedly disclosed that he came to town by hanging on to a traveling train. He additionally was reported as saying that he was under the control of someone through a device implanted in him. 

Williams was booked on a $6000 bond, and he is facing charges for felony robbery. 

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