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Tool Drummer Arrested for Assaulting Airport Security 

The drummer of the rock band Tool was arrested in Kansas City last weekend after he allegedly assaulted a security agent at the airport. 

60-year-old Danny Carey hails from Lawrence, Kansas, and he is the drummer for the rock band Tool. 

Carey was in Kansas so he could play drums with the University of Kansas band during the game against the University of Missouri. 

On December 12, when Carey was at the Kansas City Airport to fly out of the state, he allegedly had an altercation with one of the security staff members. 

It was reported that Carey yelled at the employee and used foul language. He also allegedly forcibly poked the man in the chest area with two fingers. 

The authorities were notified, and when the police interacted with Carey it was caught on video and uploaded to the internet. 

Carey can be seen speaking with an officer outside the airport and asking them to tell him who he allegedly assaulted. 

A second officer is seen in the footage, and Carey appeared to try to discuss the situation with them both.  

After a while, the officers began to try to detain Carey for the assault allegations. 

When the officers tried to place the man in handcuffs, they appeared to slam him against the window in front of him with force. Carey can be heard telling them that it wasn’t necessary. 

While he was up against the window, an officer placed his foot in the middle of Carey’s feet. Carey appeared to stumble, and one of the officers can be heard saying, “stop resisting!” 

Carey was cuffed and taken to the Kansas City Police Department. He was booked for misdemeanor assault, but no official charges have been filed at this time, and Carey was freed on bond. 

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