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Man Gets Stuck in Chimney after Santa-Style Burglary Attempt

Last Wednesday, a California man was accused of using the chimney of a local Citrus Heights pub and grill in an attempted burglary. On his way down the flue he became stuck and unable to proceed with his alleged plan.

Jesse Berube, a regular customer at Loree’s Little Shack on Greenback bar and grill, allegedly tried to use the building’s chimney in order to enter the building after hours. Though the opening was less than 18 inches wide he managed to slide down the flue until he met with an unexpected 90-degree angle where he became lodged in the structure.

32-year-old Berube, having no way to free himself, managed to access his cellphone and called 911 for assistance. Citrus Heights police and the Sacramento Metro Fire Department dispatched to the scene to investigate the reported incident where they discovered Berube stuck down the chimney.

Fire crews employed a special tripod device to assist in removing Berube from the tight space, and it was reported that he was uninjured during the escapade. After he was safely extracted Police took Berube into custody on suspicion of burglary.

Loree LaMoureaux, the owner of Loree’s Little Shack, arrived at the scene after authorities notified her of the matter. She said that the employees had hung Christmas stockings in the bar that were filled with tips in the amount of what she guessed was between $300 and $400. She also expressed that she was happy no one was hurt during the incident.

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