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Man Grabbed a Gun When He Heard Ex-Wife Having Sex

A man was taken into custody after he allegedly used a gun to try to stop his former spouse and her new lover from having loud sex in a bedroom near his own.

Just after midnight last Friday, a divorced South Carolina couple who still live together were at home, and the woman was spending time with her boyfriend in her bedroom.

The woman’s ex-husband’s room is not far from hers, and when she and her new beau began having sexual relations, her former spouse was able to hear the encounter.

According to reports, the man became bothered by the situation and started to hit the walls to try to get the pair to stop. When they did not cease, he reportedly went outside and grabbed a pistol out of his vehicle.

The man allegedly stood outside his ex’s door and charged the weapon. The sound was loud enough that his ex-wife and her boyfriend stopped having sex after they believed they heard it.

The authorities were notified, and the Myrtle Beach Police Department sent law enforcement to the address to investigate.

When an officer talked to the woman, she told them she left her room and went downstairs for a moment, and when she was going back upstairs her ex-husband made her feel like she was in danger of being shot.

The police also learned that the woman and her husband had been divorced for two years but they remained in the same home.

The man talked to an officer and allegedly admitted he retrieved his gun, and that he wanted to interrupt the couple from having sex.

The man was placed under arrest and booked into the Myrtle Beach jail. He is expected to face charges of one felony count of first-degree domestic violence. According to jail records, he is currently being held without bond.

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