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Uber Driver Kidnapped by Drug-Using Passenger

A man who rode in an Uber in Maryland is facing charges after allegedly physically and verbally abusing the driver.

Just before 4:00 PM on April 21, an Uber driver in a 2012 Hyundai Accent picked up a male passenger. The man wanted a ride to Baltimore City, but he asked the driver to make a few stops before they headed for the destination.

The man sat in the front passenger seat for the ride, and he reportedly began smoking what was believed to be narcotics. He also allegedly struck the driver in the head several times while they were on the road.

According to reports, the passenger kept screaming, and he took the driver’s cell phone more than once.

During one of the times that the driver had his phone, he was able to text his mother to let her know he needed help. She called 911 and reported the situation to the Maryland State Police Golden Ring Barrack. She told them that her son was being held against his will.

Maryland State Police troopers were dispatched to look for the car, and they spotted a Hyundai Accent that matched the description of the vehicle reported driving down I-83 North.

The police pulled over the driver, and they reported that the passenger made them afraid for their life. When the authorities learned that the driver might have been exposed to drugs, he was taken to the hospital to make sure he was alright.

Narcotics were reportedly located inside the car, and the passenger was taken into custody. He went to St. Joseph Medical Center to see if he needed treatment.

After he was released from the hospital, the suspect was held at the Baltimore County Detention Center. He may face charges of second-degree assault, false imprisonment, and other related drug charges. He was later released from custody.

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