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Man had Quarter Pound of Someone Else’s Weed in Shirt

When the police handcuffed a suspect, they reported that the man denied ownership of a giant bag of marijuana they allegedly found bulging in his shirt.

On August 21, 19-year-old Kyle Clark and another man were at an apartment complex in Iowa City.

Just before 3:00 am, Clark and the man were reportedly trying to get inside one of the apartments, and several people notified the authorities.

Officers from the Iowa City Police Department went to the address. When they arrived, they reported that the two men were hollering at each other.

Clark allegedly began to walk away when he noticed that the police were there.

Before he was able to get too far, officers intercepted the man. When they began to talk to Clark, one of the officers reported that they noticed something creating a stomach bulge underneath his shirt.

The officer suspected Clark was trying to conceal a large amount of marijuana. When he was questioned about the protrusion, Clark allegedly tried to dart down a flight of stairs.

The stairs dumped Clark at a dead end, and the officer quickly detained him.

When Clark was placed in handcuffs, the object under his shirt reportedly fell to the ground. The officer noted that it appeared to be a large bag of marijuana, as he suspected.

Clark was asked about the reportedly hidden stash, and the man allegedly said that the marijuana was not his.

According to the police report, the bag of marijuana had a total weight of 116 grams.

Clark was booked into the Johnson County Jail, and he is facing both felony and misdemeanor drug charges. He was released from custody before noon.

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