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Man Hurled Homemade Bombs at His Impounded Car

In the process of retrieving it, a man allegedly set fire to his automobile when he reportedly began to throw several Molotov cocktails at it while it was locked inside of a lot after being impounded.

Last weekend at the Almake Auto Shop in Orange County, Florida, the owner of a vehicle that was in impound had paid the owner of the lot nearly $300.00 in order to re-obtain possession of it.

After setting up a plan to meet at the impound yard in a half an hour, the owner showed up and reported that the client, 27-year-old Ayub Mule Abdulrahman, was nowhere to be seen so he left.

Shortly afterward, one of the people who works at the auto shop called the owner to report that one of the cars inside the lot was on fire, and the owner rapidly returned to his business.

As he headed back to his shop, the owner reported that when he turned the corner near the location he spotted a man fitting the description of Abdulrahman bolting from the area on foot. He followed after him and detained him while the authorities were notified.

The owner went into the shop and watched the footage from his security camera and allegedly saw someone that appeared to be Abdulrahman chucking between three and five handmade objects containing combustible material over the fence. The objects were allegedly intentionally aimed at Abdulrahman’s automobile causing it to light on fire.

The police arrived spoke with the shop owner who had them watch the video and explained that the motive behind the alleged incident was unclear since the suspect was about 20 minutes away from being handed his car keys when the fire began.

Deputies placed Abdulrahman under arrest on suspicion of arson, and transporting a firebomb.

The fire was contained by the owner and his staff, and there were no reported injuries as a result of the event.

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