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Man in Target Used Stuffed Toys as Sex Partners

A suspect in a Florida Target has been accused of destroying merchandise by allegedly using two plush toys, one of which from a Disney collection, to gratify himself sexually.

On Tuesday afternoon at the Target store in Pinellas Park, a man reportedly went to the section of the establishment where the stuffed animals are shelved.

The man allegedly proceeded to remove from the merchandise display a large stuffed unicorn, in addition to a plush snowman licensed by Disney in the image of Olaf from the movie Frozen.

The man reportedly took each toy and started to rub his genital area against them, resulting in his alleged eventual ejaculation upon the Olaf doll.

The authorities were notified about the public sexual encounter with the stuffed toys, and they dispatched to the store.

The suspect was located while he was still in Target, and the officers detained the man and identified him as 20-year-old Cody Christopher Meader.

Meader was read his Miranda rights as he was taken into custody, and the police report states that the Florida man gave an admission that included the disclosure that he believes he often makes choices that are not intelligent. He also let the authorities know that he had ejaculated on the Olaf toy.

When speaking with the suspect’s dad, the father reportedly confirmed that his son has made some poor decisions relating to his behavior in the past, but legal actions had not reportedly been involved before the accusations stemming from the Target caper.

The police report indicated that they were unsure whether or not the man may have mental health problems.

Meader is facing charges for suspicion of criminal mischief for the allegations, and the toys used in the incident were reported as being destroyed.

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