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OC Mom Issued Threats About Bullying to Classroom of Students

A mother from Mission Viejo is facing legal consequences after she reportedly went in a middle school classroom with a stack of handmade “Free A$$ Kicking” coupons after she became upset by bullies harassing her daughter.

33-year-old Christian Tinsley is the mother of a 13-year-old girl who attends Niguel Hills Middle School in Laguna Niguel.

Tinsley’s daughter had been telling her that she was being tormented at school, on her way to and from the campus and on the internet, and predominantly from boys who attend class with her. The mockery was said to often be aimed at the young black girl’s ethnicity.

The problem was discussed with the school, but Tinsley said taking that action seemed to exacerbate the problem.

On one occasion Tinsley’s daughter said that a boy had become sexually inappropriate with her, and after the school looked into the situation they suspended the suspected offender.

On Tuesday, when Tinsley was dropping her daughter off at the campus, the child reportedly told her that she was happy to have strength or she would likely take her own life due to the circumstances at school.

The reported statement caused Tinsley a huge concern for her daughter and she decided she needed to address the issue immediately.

Tinsley reportedly walked into a classroom during second period and told the children that the bullying must cease. She was reported as using expletives while presenting them coupons they could give to their adult relatives so that she could physically retaliate on those that are over 18-years-old if the harassment of her daughter did not stop.

The irate classroom presentation was recorded by the school’s camera, in addition to getting national coverage when Tinsley appeared on Inside Edition to talk about the situation.

While on the show Tinsley said that she was under the impression that the teacher of the class was alright with her speaking to the kids. She additionally said that she wished she had not used foul language. She said she felt “hopeless” about the way her daughter was being treated.

Due to her classroom outburst, the Orange County District Attorney has chosen to prosecute Tinsley for one count of misdemeanor interference with the good order and administration of a school classroom with the intent to disrupt.

Todd Spitzer stated that “schools across America have become targets of violence” when they should be a place where kids can feel safe to learn, and that is a huge factor in the decision to go forward with the charges.

Tinsley is scheduled to appear at the Harbor Justice Center at the beginning of November for the charges against her.

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