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Man Insisted He Was Michael Corleone During Police Encounter

When the authorities approached a Florida man allegedly yelling at people on the boardwalk while holding open containers of alcohol, he identified himself as the notorious “Michael Corleone” and refused to give his real name.

Last Thursday, 54-year-old James Ransom was reportedly hanging out on the boardwalk in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida.

The man, who is reportedly a transient, allegedly had Captain Morgan brand rum, and more than one Natural Light beer with their seals broken while on the pier.

Around 9:30 pm, deputies from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office were hailed to the boardwalk when they were alerted about a man who was allegedly causing a scene by yelling at the people around him.

When the deputies arrived, it was reported that they approached Ransom while he was still loudly expressing himself.

When asked for his identity, he reportedly told the authorities that his name was Michael Corleone, the notorious mafia crime boss from The Godfather series.

The deputies continued trying to get Ransom to disclose his true name, but the man allegedly repeated himself and insisted that he held the same name as the character portrayed by Al Pacino in the movie adaptations of Mario Puzo’s The Godfather books.

After he reportedly said he would allow himself to be electronically fingerprinted, the authorities said they found confirmation of his legal name, but Ransom allegedly continued asserting that he was Michael Corleone.

Ransom was taken into custody and booked for suspicion of providing a false name to law enforcement, in addition to being issued a citation for purported public intoxication.

After two days in jail, Ransom attended a hearing and entered a plea of no-contest before being released.

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