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Man Jumped off Interstate Bridge to Escape DUI Arrest 

A Georgia man reportedly jumped off of an overpass bridge and dropped over 50 feet into the woods while the police were detaining him for suspicion of DUI. 

Just before 3:00 am on July 8, 29-year-old Kevin Bynum was driving on I-75 in Atlanta. 

Bynum was spotted by officers from the Atlanta Police Department. They believed he was driving his vehicle in a manner that indicated he might be under the influence.

The police performed a traffic stop, and Bynum pulled over near an overpass on the Interstate. 

Bynum’s interaction with the police was reportedly uneventful for a DUI stop. The man was asked to take a roadside sobriety test, and he reportedly consented. 

When Bynum performed the exercises of the test, the officers asserted that he did not pass. 

An officer put Bynum in cuffs and let him know he was under arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence. 

Before he was placed into the police vehicle, Bynum reportedly broke free and jumped over the overpass bridge. After the approximate 60-foot drop, Bynum landed in a wooded area below the Interstate. 

An officer at the scene reported the situation to a dispatcher, and additional law enforcement from the Atlanta police and the Georgia State Patrol were sent to help locate Bynum. 

After what was reported as a short search, the authorities found Bynum, who was still in the wooded area. 

The man was still in handcuffs, and officers carried him back to a police car. 

It was reported that Bynum did not appear to be injured, but he was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital to ensure he did not need medical treatment. 

After he is released, Bynum is expected to be booked into the Fulton County Jail. He is expected to face charges of DUI, reckless driving, speeding, driving without a license, and obstruction of an officer.  

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