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Woman Used Ex’s OnlyFans Photos as Leverage to Extort $45 

A Florida woman’s ex-girlfriend reportedly swiped naked photos from her OnlyFans account and allegedly threatened to send them to others, including members of her family, in a purported attempt to extort money from her. 

24-year-old Eliza Jean Limite lives in St. Petersburg. 

It was reported that Limite was recently in a romantic relationship with another woman. 

At the beginning of their courtship, Limite reportedly fronted $45 to her girlfriend with the expectation of being paid back. 

According to reports, Limite tried to use intimidation to get her money back from the woman. 

Limite’s girlfriend has an OnlyFans private account which contains several nude images. Limite allegedly took screenshots of the woman’s naked pictures that were posted. 

It is displayed in the police report that Limite texted her girlfriend and said, “send me the 45 you owe me by the end of today or I will have to invoice you or send your nudes everywhere…” Limite also allegedly mentioned that she might share the images with her girlfriend’s mother and grandma. 

Limite allegedly digitally shared one of the images with another person. After it was received, she reportedly sent a screenshot to the alleged victim to prove that she had done so. 

The authorities were notified about the alleged attempted extortion, and they spoke with the alleged victim about the situation. 

The woman reportedly confirmed that she was the one that was displayed in the photographs that Limite was threatening to distribute. She also informed the police that she did not consent to her pictures being saved or shared. 

On July 3, Limite was taken into custody and booked into the Pinellas County Jail for the allegations. She is expected to be charged with felony extortion. She was later released on a $10,000 bond. 

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