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Man Pulled Off Record Breaking Stunt in Attempted Escape

According to police estimates, a burglar allegedly trying to escape arrest was able
to jump a wall that exceeded the height of the world record by 4 feet.
Around 2:00 am on Sunday, a man allegedly broke into a home in Silver Spring,
Maryland, while the residents were asleep.
As the door opened, the slumbering people heard the sound and went to find out
what was going on when they reportedly saw an unknown man standing in their
When the owners of the house confronted the suspected burglar he allegedly
assaulted them before he ran out of the dwelling.
The alleged victims called the police, and officers from the Montgomery County
Police Department dispatched to their home.
The officers spoke to the residents, who told them that they recalled certain
identifying features about the suspect that they hoped would assist in detaining
Backup law enforcement was sent to help the officers already at the scene, and a
K9 was among the crew.
During his sniff around the area, the K9 indicated that the suspect was behind a
nearby townhouse. When the suspect noticed that he was being pursued he
reportedly propelled himself over a wall that was recorded in the press release as
being an estimated 12-feet high.
According to athletic reports, the world high jump record was won by Javier
Sotomayor from Cuba in 1993 when he jumped a since-unbeatable height of 8 feet
0.46 inches.
After the suspect hurled over the wall the first time he saw that more officers had
been waiting on the other side, causing him to make the reportedly astonishing
jump a second time.
When he got back to the other side, the man was detained and identified as 56-
year-old Steven Anderson.
Anderson was arrested and booked for suspicion of burglary, and assault, and he
was incarcerated without bond.

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