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14-Year-Old Charged For Hitting Man in Trump Mask

A man wearing a Trump mask at a public event was allegedly unexpectedly struck
in the face by a teenage girl while her friends recorded video of the incident, and
the suspect is now facing charges.
On October 25, people were gathered at the Collier County Fairgrounds Haunted
House attraction and some of them were wearing costumes.
A man and his family were reportedly waiting their turn to enter the haunted house,
and he was wearing a mask depicting the image of U.S. President Donald Trump.
A group of young people was standing nearby in the line, and one of them, a girl of 14-
years-old allegedly approached the mask-wearing man and reportedly landed a
punch on his jawline.
Afterward, the girl was said to have returned to her group which allegedly
contained at least one person that video recorded the incident and posted it online
to the Instagram social media application.
The alleged victim said that he walked up to the teenager to inquire about why she
hit him, and told her that he was only trying to enjoy himself with his family.
The man reported the incident to a security staff member working at the
Fairgrounds and asked that they alert the Collier County Sheriff’s Office about the
When the police arrived, the alleged victim told them that he wanted to press
charges for the assault against him, and he issued a description of the young
woman’s clothing.
The police found the girl was still at the Fairgrounds and was with her parents, and
she was approached so that she could talk about what had allegedly transpired.
After they determined there was probable cause to assume that the teenager was
the person who hit the man, the girl was cited for misdemeanor battery.
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