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Suspect Stabbed Police Chief in the Face With Ice Pick

A man was accused of going to the residence of a South Carolina police chief with an ice pick with the alleged intention of killing him.

Forrest Bowman lives in Bonneau, South Carolina, and has a mobile home located near the residence of the Bonneau Police Chief.

According to reports, Bowman had recently been making threats around town against the police chief, but no action had culminated from the words.

On the morning of September 6, Bowman reportedly went to the police chief’s home and knocked on the door to summon the man to come outside.

When the chief answered and exited his residence, he encountered a man purported to be Bowman, and he was allegedly told that he was going to die.

The chief was about to dial 911 when the suspect, who was reportedly holding an ice pick, allegedly lunged at him and plunged the sharp object into his face. The ice pick pierced and penetrated the area beneath the chief’s left eye, and he was left with a sizeable wound.

After the alleged attack, Bowman reportedly retreated to his trailer, where he allegedly shed all of his clothing and sandwiched himself between a wall and a mattress.

When the authorities, including a SWAT team, arrived at the scene, Bowman reportedly refused to come out of his dwelling until a robot was implemented.

The robot gave the authorities Bowman’s location inside the trailer, and when they entered and apprehended the man he was reportedly very uncooperative, and still naked, as he was detained.

Bowman was taken into custody, and it has been reported that he will be charged for attempted murder, in addition to assault of a law enforcement officer.

At his arraignment hearing regarding the allegations, the judge decided that Bowman should be held without bond.

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