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Man Rearrested for Stealing Webcam During Jail Release

A Florida man being processed out of jail after paying bail was taken back into custody on April Fool’s Day for allegedly swiping a webcam attached to a computer in the facility.

35-year-old Steven Lawrence Moran resides in Vero Beach, Florida.

At the end of February, Moran was taken into custody by the Indian River County Sheriff’s Department for a felony criminal mischief charge. He was incarcerated on a $1,000 bond.

In the evening on March 11, Moran was able to meet the ordered bond, and he was granted his release.

Before he was able to depart from the premises, Moran had to go through the procedural checkout from the facility.

While the authorities prepared the necessary paperwork, Moran sat in the booking section.

As he bided his time, Moran allegedly approached one of the desks and detached a webcam that was affixed to the jail’s computer. He reportedly concealed the piece of allegedly swiped electronic equipment by stowing it in one of his pockets.

Moran was processed out of the jail, and he walked out of the building before anyone noticed the webcam was missing.

Upon discovering the Logitech cam had been removed, the authorities began to search for the possible culprit.

When considering the possibilities, the police asserted that Moran was the most likely perpetrator to have taken the device.

On April 1, Moran was located and placed under arrest for the allegations.

Moran was booked into the Indian River County Jail a second time, and he is expected to face charges for one count of second-degree misdemeanor petit theft.

After paying a $500 bond, Moran was released from confinement, and his arraignment is on the court calendar at the beginning of May.

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