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Man Robbed Same Pizza Place 4 Times in One Month 

A Tennessee man is facing several charges after allegedly robbing the same pizza restaurant four times in one month at the end of last year. 

On October 30, it was reported that Donatos Pizza restaurant in downtown Nashville was the victim of a robbery. The workers saw a broken window and asserted that was how the alleged thief entered, and they noticed he took beer from their cooler. They estimated the total loss was approximately $200. 

On November 11, Donatos Pizza reported that they had a second break-in and robbery. They believed the perpetrator got inside through the same window as the previous incident. In addition to more ale, the suspect reportedly swiped an electronic device and a tip jar. 

Two days later, the restaurant was again the target of a burglary. The suspect reportedly took more beer and helped themselves to some of the food while they were inside the establishment. 

On November 24, Donatos was burglarized for beer a fourth time. 

The authorities believed they were able to identify the suspect after they looked at the surveillance camera footage. 

Approximately three months after the fourth burglary, the police tracked down the 24-year-old. According to reports, the police found many beer cans in the location with the suspect. Even though it was almost three months after the last burglary at Donatos, the police assumed they were stolen from the restaurant.  

The suspect was placed under arrest on Valentine’s Day and booked into the Davidson County Jail. He is facing several charges, including three counts of felony burglary, three misdemeanor counts of theft of property under $1000, and misdemeanor vandalism, in addition to two counts of failure to appear. He is being held in lieu of a $62,500 bond. 

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