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Man Splashed Prosecutor With Urine At Sentencing Hearing

A Florida man who was convicted of attempted murder was in court for sentencing when he reportedly turned on the prosecuting Assistant State Attorney and unexpectedly doused him with a urine-filled container.

In 2017, 28-year-old Albert Narvaez was accused of attempted first-degree murder with a firearm for pointing a gun in his fleeing girlfriend’s direction and unloading five or six rounds from a gun while she was running away. None of the bullets made contact with the woman, but Narvaez was charged and tried for the allegations.

After his trial was complete, Narvaez was found guilty of the charges and he was set to appear in Broward Circuit Judge Susan Alspector’s courtroom on Wednesday to receive his sentence.

When Narvaez was in the courtroom for his scheduled sentencing he reportedly spotted Broward Assistant State Attorney Andrew Newman, the lead prosecuting attorney involved in his attempted murder case.

Narvaez allegedly rushed toward Newman and threw a container filled with urine at the man. The urine reportedly spilled out of its holder and covered Newman’s clothing, in addition to entering his mouth.

Following the event, Narvaez allegedly stated, “He pissed on me! He told me to do it!” but the records make no mention of him clarifying who he was speaking about.

The sentencing hearing was put on hold, and Narvaez, who has been incarcerated in the Broward County jail for some time as a result of the ongoing attempted murder trial, is expected to face a new charge of misdemeanor battery for the incident with the ASA.

It has been reported by news outlets that the Chief Assistant State Attorney’s Office is furious about the event.

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