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Wearer Denied Ownership of Drug-Holding Socks

A man who was reportedly found with narcotics on his person allegedly said that the sock in which the substance was discovered belonged to someone else.

In the pre-dawn hours on Saturday, an Austintown police officer was on duty when he spotted a Mercedes that was allegedly steered into a driveway without the implementation of the blinker.

After the vehicle parked at the residence, the officer executed a traffic stop and approached the driver’s side to explain the reason for his presence.

The reported driver, 20-year-old Damien Clark, and passenger Comeil Haskins were still inside of the car when the cop walked up and claimed he could smell marijuana. When asked about the source of the odor, Haskins allegedly told the officer that someone smoked pot in the car earlier, but the officer believed the smell was that of freshly cultivated plant matter, and also alleged that fresh marijuana was on the floor of the car.

While patting down and checking him for weapons and contraband, the officer allegedly found a small plastic baggy in one of the socks Clark was wearing that held what was believed to be cocaine inside of it. When he asked Clark about the item Clark reportedly said that the socks on his feet didn’t belong to him.

Clark was taken into custody, and the police report reflected that he also had approximately 60 Xanax pills on him, which he explained he was holding for a person he had seen at a party. An additional amount of cocaine was also allegedly found on the suspect.

He was booked for two felony counts of drug possession and as he was being ushered into the county detention center an officer said that he found a pill in Clark’s sock. The medication was allegedly identified as Vyvanse, which is somewhat similar to Adderall, and Clark, who said that he forgot he had it, was slapped with another felony drug charge.

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