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Man Struck by Car After Confronting Driver over Mail Theft

A Texas woman was arrested when she reportedly hit a man with her car after he confronted her for allegedly stealing mail out of strangers’ mailboxes.

Early in the evening on March 4, a man was taking a stroll in a San Antonio gated community when he reportedly saw two females going through mailboxes that lined the street. He tried to confront the pair, but they reportedly got in their vehicle and took off.

According to reports, another person driving in the community tried to prevent the women from leaving by blocking the car. The 35-year-old driver allegedly thwarted their attempt, but the man they initially interacted with was still standing nearby. The woman reportedly hit him with the vehicle she was driving before leaving the scene.

The authorities were notified, and when they arrived, they noted that the man who was reportedly struck by the car had minor injuries to his knee. He told them he was knocked onto the ground when the vehicle hit him.

It was reported that surveillance cameras recorded the incident, and when the footage was reviewed, the police used the car’s license plate to track down the possible suspect who was driving it and collected her address from the registration.

On March 6, the San Antonio police took the woman into custody. She was booked into the Bexar County Jail. She is facing preliminary charges of first-degree felony aggravated robbery, felony fraudulent possession of identifying information, and felony fraudulent possession of identifying information < 5 items. Her bond was set at $130,000 for the charges, but it was found that she had an active arrest warrant in another county, so she was remanded without bail.

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