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Man Takes an Injury in Debate Over Kap Taking a Knee

A patron of a Florida storage facility became involved in an argument leading to a physical fight with a staff member when they took different sides on the issue of the Colin Kaepernick protest that started when he kneeled during the National Anthem in 2006.

When 60-year-old Peter Jordan went to Port Saint Lucie Storage he reportedly began discussing football with one of the employees. The conversation allegedly turned sour when the subject of Colin Kaepernick came up and each of the men had differing opinions on the protest started through his action.

According to the arrest affidavit, Jordan approached the alleged victim when he stepped behind the counter and became verbally aggressive toward him. Things reportedly elevated to the point that a physical encounter ensued, and another employee tried to intervene by stepping between the two men which resulted in an injury to his arm.

When the police arrived all three men gave statements about the incident and the video from the surveillance camera in the storage facility was reviewed.

Upon initial assessment, it was determined that Jordan was the party allegedly responsible for the fight, and he was taken into custody.

Jordan was charged with misdemeanor battery and he was held in the county jail, but released later.

It was reported that the employee who had his arm injured was given medical treatment and he did not suffer from any broken bones.

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