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Man used Garrote Wire to Choke Co-Worker

A man in Tempe, Arizona was taken into custody after allegedly choking his co-worker with a metal wire.

In the afternoon on October 11, a man was using a sandblasting machine at work when a co-worker reportedly unexpectedly attacked him while his back was turned.

The man believed that the person was wearing gloves since he saw their hands as he felt something being wrapped around his throat.

According to the alleged victim, he felt the object around his neck tighten, and his breathing became constricted. The man said that he and his attacker fell backward together.

One of the other workers reported that they believed they heard someone threaten another person’s life and purported that it was the assailant.

The alleged victim tried to struggle free, and nearby employees ran over to intervene.

The co-workers reportedly discovered that the alleged attacker, identified as Jay Christopher Case, 41, had wrapped wire around the alleged victim’s throat. They reported that there was blood on the alleged victim’s throat that they believed was caused by Case tugging on the wire so fiercely that it cut into his neck.

Case reportedly left the premises before the authorities became involved.

When the police started to investigate the incident, they reported that there is no immediately apparent motive for what allegedly transpired between Case and his co-worker.

People who worked with the pair reported that they didn’t think there were any problems between them, and the alleged victim reported that he and Case didn’t talk to each other regularly.

Case was placed under arrest. When the police tried to ask him questions about the situation, the man exercised his right to remain silent.

The authorities are still trying to determine what charges they plan to try to pursue against Case.

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