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Man Broke into Car to See Imaginary Girlfriend

Around 6:30 pm on October 12, the Vero Beach Police Department was notified by someone at a local Walmart about a possible car theft in progress on the property.

The police went to the location and reported that they saw a man trying to force his way into a parked Nissan Frontier.

When they approached the suspected truck thief, he was reportedly shirtless and sitting on a bicycle near the truck.

The police identified him as 43-year-old Matthew Huber. They further noted that he is a local man that is currently experiencing homelessness.

It was suspected that Huber was trying to burglarize the vehicle, and he was read his Miranda rights.

The affidavit notes that Huber willingly chose to talk to the authorities about the accusations.

When he was asked about what he was doing, Huber allegedly admitted he was trying to enter the truck. He reportedly said he needed to do so to spend time with his imaginary girlfriend. It was recorded in the police report that Herbert said she is only visible to him when he uses methamphetamine.

Huber allegedly disclosed that he saw the Frontier in the parking lot and decided to get in through the tailgate to see if there was anything worth taking. He reportedly said that if he was able to procure goods he could sell them. He allegedly told the officer he would then be able to use the money for meth so that he could see his imaginary girlfriend.

Huber was taken into custody and booked into the Indian River County Jail on a $10,000 bond. He is facing charges for suspicion of burglary and carrying a concealed weapon.

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