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Many Injured by Man with Wooden Weapon in NYC

At least 10 people were severely harmed when a man wielding a large wooden object reportedly made his way through a section of New York City on foot and in two stolen vehicles.

43-year-old Bryan Thompson lives in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Last Sunday evening, Thompson was reportedly in a Tribeca subway platform when he allegedly took a wooden object and began to attack random people.

On his way out of the subway platform, Thompson allegedly advanced on three individuals and left them all with what was described as horrible injuries.

One man was reportedly left unconscious at the scene while Thompson made his way to the street.

A woman standing in his path when he emerged was reportedly assaulted by Thomas with what was purported to be the same wooden object used in the subway platform.

Thompson reportedly continued his rampage and saw a man seated in his vehicle with the engine running. Thompson allegedly struck the man, and the alleged victim was frightened off, leaving Thompson the opportunity to take the SUV.

After a short distance, Thompson reportedly smashed into two parked cars before abandoning the allegedly stolen vehicle.

A woman seated in a Ford Taurus reported that Thompson noticed her and smashed the back window of her vehicle in an attempt to take her car, but she was able to escape.

A similar report from the driver of a 2002 Grand Cherokee was given to the authorities, and although the woman’s car was not taken, her eye was injured from broken glass during the alleged attempt.

Two additional people on the street reported that Thompson assaulted them with a wooden weapon, and one suffered a broken leg in the alleged attack.

Thompson then saw a man pull up to the curb to park his 2018 Grand Cherokee. After allegedly intimidating the driver, Thompson was reportedly able to take possession of the vehicle.

Approximately 40 minutes after Thompson’s first alleged assault, the authorities were able to detain him after he reportedly slammed the Jeep into a New York Police Department vehicle.

Though he was initially reported as being uncooperative, Thompson submitted after being tased.

Thompson was taken into custody, and it was decided that he should be admitted to Bellevue Hospital for psychological evaluation.

He is expected to face many charges for the allegedly vicious spree, including assault, robbery, and resisting arrest.

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