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Maple Syrup Masturbator Violated Protective Order

A man who is facing charges for voyeurism after masturbating with sweet, sticky condiments in front of a woman has been accused of breaching the terms of the protective order that the alleged victim had put in place.

On November 24, a now married woman who had reconnected with her ex-boyfriend from two decades ago was reportedly supporting the man in a friendship capacity by helping him with outdoor projects after he had recently relocated to a new apartment.

While she was moving piles of wood outside she went to find out where the man, 52-year-old Robert Somley, had disappeared to because he was not helping her with the task. When she walked into the apartment she said he was watching porn on the internet without any clothing on and he told her he needed to pleasure himself sexually.

The woman went outside for a cigarette and when she re-entered she said that she became aroused because Somley had put maple syrup and fruit jelly on his body. She engaged in consensual sexual relations with Somley, but during the encounter, she alleged that he filmed her with his cell phone without her permission.

After the woman committed to the belief that she had been recorded she reported that she asked Somley to delete the videos, and had allegedly been denied after she offered him $1000 if he would do so.

The alleged victim did not trust that the videos had been removed so she reported the incident to the authorities. Somley was arrested and charged with felony voyeurism with malice for the accusations.

After news of the story was released it got a lot of attention from the public due to the unusual alleged circumstances surrounding the charges. Somley was reportedly desired as a guest on the Howard Stern Show to discuss the incident as well.

The alleged victim filed for a protective order against Somley and within a week of the date that the judge approved it he was accused of violating the terms.

It was purported that Somley issued a threat while he allegedly spoke to a witness involved in the case against him and told them to deliver a message to the alleged victim telling her that he intended to expose her identity if the charges didn’t get dropped.

When the authorities learned of the alleged interaction Somley was arrested again. While he was being apprehended, it was reported that Somley told the marshals, “But no one has explained to me why I am being arrested.”

Somley is facing charges for violating a protective order and the judge, who was the same judge that approved the protective order for the alleged victim, ordered that he remains incarcerated in lieu of $150,000 bond.

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