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Police Busted Spirits of Thief With Loads of Bottles in Pants

A man has been accused of stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of alcohol by stuffing the bottles down his pants in different stores and on more than one occasion.

During the months of November and December, Walgreens, Walmart, and Publix stores were allegedly robbed for hundreds of dollars’ of merchandise from their liquor departments.

When an investigation into the disappearing bottles was opened the surveillance footage from the stores was reviewed by the authorities.

At the end of November, the police allege that the footage showed 36-year-old Melanie Deinert inside of a Walgreens accompanied by two men. Deinert allegedly kept the attention of the clerk while one of the men, identified as 55-year-old Anthony Whitfield, moved with what appeared to be a limp present as he left the store that was not visible when he first arrived. The store reported that they were missing 11 bottles of alcohol worth a total value of over $300.

After viewing more surveillance videos the authorities believed that Whitfield was going into the stores and putting the liquor bottles inside of his pants and then walking out without paying for them. It was alleged that he performed this on at least eight separate occasions, and the total loss to the stores involved was reported as around $3000.

Whitfield, who was found to have a record of priors indicating that he spent at least 21 years in prison beginning in 1979, was questioned about the incidents. He allegedly said that he was the man depicted in the recordings who took the alcohol.

Whitfield was taken into custody for suspicion of felony theft on the afternoon of December 12, and he was jailed with an ordered $50,000 bond amount.

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