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Neighbor Arrested for Brazen Naked Beer Theft

A woman allegedly illegally entered her neighbor’s residence in the nude and stole beer while exposing her body to teenagers in the home.

38-year-old Jessica Chase resides in Brockport, Pennsylvania.

In the morning on April 7, Chase reportedly left her 3-year-old at home and walked to her neighbor’s residence. The woman allegedly had no clothing on, but she had a blanket wrapped around her body.

Chase reportedly went to the door of the basement when she reached her neighbor’s home. Their 19-year-old and his friends had spent the night in the space, and when she arrived, Chase allegedly forced her way into the house.

When the young man reportedly asked Chase to depart, she allegedly ignored him and helped herself to a beer from the refrigerator on the main level of the home.

While the teenager allegedly pleaded with Chase to leave the premises, the woman reportedly dropped her blanket and displayed her nude body to him.

After Chase was ushered out of the house and the door was locked, the woman reportedly went to the front porch of the residence and sat down to drink the allegedly stolen beer with her blanket draped on top of her.

The police were notified about the incident, and when they went to Chase’s house, they reported that the woman was still sans clothing and wrapped in a blanket.

When the authorities looked around Chase’s residence, they reported that drug paraphernalia was placed where her child could access it. They additionally purported that Chase left her daughter by herself when allegedly stealing from her neighbor’s home.

After Chase was taken into custody, she was evaluated at a nearby medical center. They purported that she was under the influence of narcotics and not mentally ill, so Chase was booked into the county jail.

Chase is facing charges for suspicion of burglary, criminal trespass, and endangering the welfare of children. She is expected to appear in court on April 23 regarding the allegations.

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