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Patron Petrified Great Clips Stylist With Death Threat

A customer at a Great Clips salon in Bismarck allegedly told his stylist he would hunt her down and end her life if he was unsatisfied with his new haircut.

Around 10:00 am last Wednesday, a man walked into Great Clips and approached a female employee asking for service.

The man, who was reportedly acting in a manner that caused the belief that he was drunk, had what looked like a bottle of Fireball cinnamon-flavored whiskey stuffed in his back pocket.

He sat down in the chair at the stylist’s station and began to receive his haircut when the patron allegedly began to issue verbal threats to the woman.

The police reported states that the allegedly drunken client reportedly told the stylist that he would kill her if his haircut turned out badly and that he would search for and find her residence.

The stylist reportedly became so unnerved that she began trembling.

Another customer in the establishment allegedly heard what the suspect said to the woman and he told the man that he would have to leave the premises.

When the authorities were notified about the situation they interviewed the stylist and the man who said he saw the incident as it was taking place. Both parties involved reported their interpretation of the events, and the police began to investigate.

The following afternoon, the authorities located the man they believed was responsible for the incident, identified as 25-year-old Michael McKenzie Jr. at a residence in Bismarck.

McKenzie was apprehended for the allegations and taken into custody for suspicion of felony terrorizing. He was booked into the Burleigh Morton Detention Center on a $2,500 cash bail which was ordered the following day during his first appearance in court.

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