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A man with a two-year-old in his vehicle reportedly hit double digits when leading the police on a high-speed chase before he ditched his car and took off on foot with the toddler.

Just after midnight on June 14, a 21-year-old man from Lawrenceville, Georgia, was driving a BMW down Interstate 85 with a toddler passenger. Officers from the Gwinnett Police Department were working at a security checkpoint watching for reckless drivers and people driving under the influence when they spotted the BMW. They reported that the driver was traveling over 100 MPH, and when they tried to perform a traffic stop, he did not pull over.

The driver reportedly increased his speed and eventually turned off his headlights in an alleged attempt to dodge the pursuing police. An aviation unit was sent to assist, and they were able to find the vehicle. The man soon pulled over and reportedly decided to continue his attempt to slip away from the authorities. When he got out of the car, he was seen carrying something as he ran away.

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A man in Utah allegedly went on a multi-carjacking, accident-causing spree after being told he would not be able to buy a plane ticket for a same-day flight to Denver.  

Early in the morning on October 4, a 20-year-old man from Colorado went to the Salt Lake City International Airport to take a flight to Denver.  

The agent at the counter informed him that he would be unable to buy a same-day ticket, and he allegedly became enraged. 

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A Florida woman is facing charges after allegedly damaging her ex-boyfriend’s vehicle and destroying his new girlfriend’s car. 

76-year-old Patsy Murrell lives in Pasadena, Florida. 

Murrell was dating a 74-year-old man, but they ended their relationship in June, and her ex is dating someone new. 

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Allegedly claiming that it was herself, a Sunset, Utah, woman has been accused of providing the identity and birth date of her daughter to the authorities during a traffic stop.

On Saturday, an officer on patrol noticed a BMW without a license plate driving down the road.

When he pulled the driver over and asked for identification, she reportedly said that she didn’t have her license with her at the moment and that the car was uninsured.

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When the mayor of Richland was pulled over and suspected of driving under the influence he reportedly claimed his blood-alcohol level was elevated due to dehydration.

63-year-old Bob Thompson is the mayor of Richland, Washington, and he has been a member of the Richland City Council for 25-years. He has also been employed as a criminal defense attorney for over 36-years.

On Saturday, just before midnight, Thompson was reportedly spotted driving his BMW down a portion of Parkway with a curve in the road. He allegedly navigated out of his lane for a moment before righting his vehicle while going 12 miles over the posted speed limit.

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