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Mom and Daughter Attacked Woman Holding Baby at Party

A Florida woman and her daughter were arrested at a party last weekend after they both allegedly confronted and physically assaulted a woman who had a baby in her arms.

Early in the morning on Father’s Day, a group of family members were at a party in Alachua County. Some of the attendees at the soiree included a 56-year-old woman, her adult daughter and son, and her 15-month-old grandchild. The social gathering took a turn for the worse when a fight broke out and reportedly became physical.

While the exact reason for the altercation is unclear, family gatherings can often lead to uncomfortable interactions. According to reports, a woman was holding the 56-year-old’s grandchild in her arms when the incident occurred. The woman holding the baby was planning to leave the party when the child’s grandmother allegedly got in her face and began yelling, so she shoved her away. Things intensified when the grandmother reportedly knocked the woman, who still had the baby in her arms, onto the ground and repeatedly hit her. When the altercation ceased, the woman took the baby and went to sit in the car.

It was reported that while she was in the vehicle, the grandmother’s 31-year-old daughter walked over and began striking the woman through the window.

When the authorities were notified, deputies from the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office went to the residence to investigate.

Both women were taken into custody. The daughter has been accused of simple battery, and her mother is facing preliminary charges of charges of battery and cruelty towards a child. The relationship between the women and the alleged victim is currently unknown.

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