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Virginia Woman Assaulted 2 Officers After DUI Arrest

A woman in Virginia is facing several charges after she was arrested for driving under the influence and allegedly assaulted two police officers who were trying to bring her into the jail.

Early in the morning on July 18, a woman from Charlotte who allegedly had a blood-alcohol content over the legal limit was driving in Albemarle County. Two officers from the Albemarle County Police Department spotted her vehicle, and a traffic stop was performed.

When they interacted with the driver, identified as a 38-year-old local, the officers believed she displayed indicators of being under the influence. She was asked to take a breath test, but she would not give her consent.

The woman was taken into custody on preliminary charges of felony malicious wounding, two counts of felony assault of a law enforcement officer, driving under the influence (DUI) – second offense in 10 years, refusal of a breath test, driving on a revoked license, two counts of obstruction of justice, and vandalism. She was transported to the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail.

It was reported that when they arrived and the officers opened the car door to take her inside, the woman became physically aggressive. She reportedly used the handcuffs on her wrists as a weapon and hit one officer in the head, in addition to allegedly kicking a second officer.

According to jail records, the woman is currently being held without bond. The police department is considering adding additional charges because of the incident with the officers.

It was reported that the officer who was struck in the head was not severely wounded, but he was taken to the University of Virginia Health System for medical assessment and treatment.

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