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Mom Birthed and Hid Baby in Appalling Home

A couple was jailed after a newborn was allegedly found hidden in what the authorities described as a “deplorable” environment, and lacking prenatal and postnatal care.

David Fisher Jr. and Nina Gebhart live in a mobile home in Gunstown, Georgia, and Gebhart recently gave birth to a child.

Beginning on November 3, the Lee County Sheriff’s Department reported that they received reports from more than one person who expressed concern that there was a newborn in Fisher Jr. and Gebhart’s residence. The callers said that they were worried the infant might need medical care.

Officers went to the mobile home for more than one welfare check, and when they spoke with the pair, they were reportedly assured each time that no baby was present and Gebhart was still with child.

The authorities went back to the home the next evening, and they allegedly found that the baby had been born in the mobile home, which was reportedly so unkempt that the police described the dwelling as being “deplorable living conditions.” When they released pictures of the home the images displayed clutter, laundry, and trash piled high and leaving little space for movement in at least two of the rooms.

After investigating the situation further, the police asserted that the woman had not received proper medical care during the pregnancy or after she allegedly delivered the child in her residence.

The authorities made arrangements to have the newborn taken to the hospital, and Fisher Jr. and Gebhart were placed under arrest.

The pair was incarcerated on a $1,000,000 bond each, and they are both facing felony charges for allegations of child abuse, and deprivation of necessities with harm.

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