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Stripper Assaulted Coworkers Over Missing Money

An exotic dancer at a Florida club was arrested after allegedly getting into a brawl with other dancers when she believed they had taken money from her.

On November 6, a woman from Fort Pierce who is an exotic dancer and uses the stage name “Strawberry” was working a shift at a Port St. Lucie club called Body Talk Sports Bar.

Just after 2:00 am, the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Department was notified about an ongoing physical confrontation between several dancers at the bar.

Deputies arrived at the establishment, and they reported that a woman was pinned by security guards and expressing fear that she might be killed by them.

While talking to one of the security guards about the situation, the authorities were reportedly told that the woman they were holding down, identified only by her professional name “Strawberry” in the reports, was unable to find her purse.

When the pocketbook was discovered, Strawberry asserted that money was missing and that the other dancers were responsible for it.

The woman allegedly confronted her coworkers and began physically assaulting them while accusing them of taking her cash.

The owner of the bar reportedly stepped in and fired Strawberry, in addition to allegedly asking her to leave the premises many times. She reportedly continued arguing and had to be escorted outside.

According to the police report, no surveillance cameras are in the parking lot or in the dressing room inside the club where the alleged fight took place, so they were unable to collect any footage for their investigation.

Strawberry was placed under arrest for suspicion of trespassing, and the owner of the bar reportedly stated that he intends to pursue the charges against the woman.

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