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Naked Man Tried to Rape Woman at Oxnard Popeye’s

An Oxnard man was allegedly found nude and standing outside of Popeye’s restaurant after he reportedly attempted to sexually assault a woman inside.

53-year-old Christopher Vittoria lives in Oxnard, California.

On the afternoon of May 5, the man reportedly visited a Popeye’s fast food restaurant in his home town.

While Vittoria was reportedly at the chicken eatery he allegedly became sexually aggressive with a woman inside of the establishment before leaving.

When Vittoria went outside he allegedly stood in front of the establishment without any clothing on in full public view.

The authorities began to receive reports from concerned citizens regarding the allegedly nude man in the location.

At approximately 2:30 pm, the Oxnard Police Department sent officers to Popeye’s to investigate the situation, and when they reached the restaurant they reported that Vittoria was still sans clothing and he was hanging out in front of the store.

The officers spoke with Vittoria, and they said that the man became so uncooperative that they decided they needed to employ a Taser to get him to comply so they could place him under arrest.

One of the women at the scene reportedly spoke with the authorities, and, as stated in a news release by the Oxnard Police Department, the alleged victim claimed that Vittoria attempted to sexually assault her before they arrived.

Vittoria was transported to the Ventura County Jail where he was booked and held in lieu of an ordered $110,000 bond while awaiting a scheduled court appearance for March 21.

Vittoria is expected to face charges for suspicion of felony intent to commit rape, and resisting arrest, for the accusations against him.

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