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Napoleon Expert Caught With Dead Lover’s Severed Arms

A Russian history professor who is renowned for his depiction of Napoleon was arrested after he was pulled out of a river while intoxicated and in possession of a backpack of limbs that had been removed from a woman’s body.

63-year-old Oleg Sokolov is a professor of history at Saint Petersburg State University who is well-versed in French military history, as well as a top player in historical re-enactment activities. Sokolov has shown a strong attachment to the life of Napoleon Bonaparte by writing more than one book about the French general, in addition to dressing in period costume to depict his likeness at historical events.

For the past 5-years, Sokolov had been dating an ex-student, Anastasia Yeshchenko, who also shared his passion for French history. The couple reportedly lived together and collaborated on some of Sokolov’s writings about Napoleon.

Early Saturday morning, Sokolov was found by the authorities after he had fallen into the Moika River while he was wearing a Napoleon costume.

After retrieving Sokolov from the freezing water, the authorities reportedly discovered that the man was holding a backpack containing two severed human arms that appeared to have come from a female body. It was also asserted that Sokolov was drunk.

When the police went to Sokolov’s residence to inspect the premises they reportedly found the decapitated and chopped up body of 24-year-old Yeshchenko. It was also reported that the woman was shot several times. It was estimated that she was murdered on Thursday and had been kept in the home since then.

A sawed-off shotgun, knives, and an ax were among the listed weapons found in Sokolov’s home. A saw that was covered in blood was also located, and it was assumed to have been used to cut apart the young woman’s body.

When Sokolov spoke with the investigators he allegedly told them that he and Yeshchenko were arguing, which resulted in him shooting her and then removing her limbs after she was deceased.

Sokolov allegedly stated that he intended to get rid of Yeshchenko’s body in the river before ending his own life at the Peter and Paul Fortress in his Napoleon costume, but he had accidentally fallen in the water.

Sokolov was taken to the hospital so he could be treated for hypothermia since he had spent so much time in the freezing cold water, and divers are continuing their effort to collect the rest of the victim’s remains that they believe are still in the river.

In two months, Sokolov is scheduled to appear in court for the charges, and he has been ordered to remain in custody while awaiting the date.

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