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Student Facing Felony For Secret Bathroom Recording

A high school student who reportedly filmed a classmate while they were masturbating in the bathroom on campus allegedly passed the video around the school, and he is being charged with a felony for the accusations.
In an incident that was believed to have occurred last week, 18-year-old Armando Flores was in the bathroom at Braden River High School where he is enrolled as a student.
While he was there, Flores reportedly noticed that one of the other students appeared to be masturbating inside of a stall and he allegedly grabbed his cell phone to record the act. Flores was said to have angled the camera over the top of the restroom stall to capture the video.
According to the affidavit, Flores sent the video to some of his friends and within a short period of time, many of the students of the school had obtained the footage.
When the authorities caught wind of the video reportedly being shared throughout the student body they began to look into the situation. The following day it was asserted that Flores was the suspected offender who initially recorded and passed around the video.
The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office became involved and placed Flores under arrest for the allegations.
After he was read his rights, the arresting officer reported that Flores admitted he was the one who recorded the video of the masturbating student. The authorities also looked through the files on the phone in Flores’ possession, and they reportedly discovered the offending video from the high school, as well as a few pictures of guns.
Due to the gun photos, the authorities searched Flores’ home to make sure that he was not storing firearms, but the search proved to be futile.
Flores was taken to the county jail, and he is facing charges for suspicion of distributing material harmful to minors. He was released from custody the following day, and he is scheduled to appear in court for the allegations on December 9.
If Flores is convicted of the charge, in addition to jail time and a hefty fine he could be required to be listed as a sex offender in the state of Florida.
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