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Neighbor Saved Teen Twins from Vicious Ongoing Abuse 

A Texas mother and her boyfriend were arrested after the woman’s twins escaped their home and alerted a neighbor that they were being subjected to horrific abuse. 

Around 5:30 AM on October 18, a woman at home in a residential neighborhood in Houston heard a loud knocking at her door. 

When the woman went to see who it was, she spotted a set of teenage twins. The boy and the girl, age 16, had handcuffs on their wrists and they were wearing very little clothing. 

As seen on her home surveillance doorbell camera footage, one of the children asked the woman if she would help them because they were starving. The woman immediately allowed them into her home. 

The woman gave the teens food, and items to keep them warm, and the authorities were notified. 

It was reported that the twins told the neighbor that they were being regularly abused at home. They said they had to escape from the handcuffs so they could run away and try to get help. 

The neighbor took photographs of injuries she saw on the twins’ bodies. The woman, who is a nurse, said that she did not think the marks on them were all fresh. She believed the abuse had been going on for a while. 

When the police interviewed the teens, they said that the stories they were told left them sickened. They reported that the kids said they were regularly handcuffed and left in the laundry room. If they spoke too often, they said their mother sprayed oven cleaner in their mouth and forced them to drink bleach. They added that they were forced to eat feces and drink urine. 

The teens were admitted to the hospital for medical treatment. 

The authorities learned the identity of their mother, and they found out that she had 5 other children. When they tried to contact her, they found out that she and her boyfriend took the children and left the state. 

The family was found in Baton Rouge. 

The mother of the children and her boyfriend were taken into custody on suspicion of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. They will be extradited to Texas within a month. 

The youngsters were removed from their mother’s custody by Child Protective Services. 

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