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Transport Officer Fed Inmate McDonald’s for Sex

While a sergeant with the Minnesota Department of Corrections was transporting an inmate, he allegedly stopped by a fast food restaurant and bought the woman a meal in exchange for oral sex.

Randy Allen Beehler is a 53-year-old law enforcement officer in Minnesota.

On September 30, Beehler was given the task of providing transportation to inmates who were being sent to different facilities.

While he was giving a ride to a female inmate that was housed in the Olmsted County Jail and being relocated to the Hennepin County Jail, Beehler reportedly decided he was going to stop along the way for something to eat.

The woman reportedly decided to take the opportunity to express to Beehler that she would “do anything” if she was able to have something from the restaurant.

Beehler allegedly proposed that the woman ride in the front seat and pay him sexual attention in exchange for the meal. He was additionally reported as inquiring if she planned to speak of their secret barter, allegedly issuing a warning that she would be in trouble if she did.

The woman reportedly agreed to Beehler’s terms of secrecy and he bought them each a meal at McDonald’s before he parked in a secluded area and moved her to the front of the vehicle.

When the woman was seated up front with Beehler he allegedly began driving and removed his penis from his pants, then allegedly proceeded to receive oral sex from the inmate.

When they reached the Hennepin County Jail the woman reported the details of the transport to the authorities at the facility.

Beehler was placed under arrest for the accusations, and he is facing charges for third-degree criminal sexual conduct and fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct.

He was given two different bail amounts; a conditional release for $20,000 bail, or a $50,000 bail without conditions.

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