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Overweight Suspect Challenges Cops To Arrest Him

Domestic violence calls to police often result in arrests, but when the suspect is a 500 pound man, the challenge is put upon police to even move, let alone make an arrest. That’s what happened when the man’s girlfriend called police and allegedly told the police that her boyfriend had slapped and spit on her.

Police arrived to find the man freshly showered, speaking with slurred speech, and naked. When informed he was under arrest, he allegedly sat down on the floor and told officers to try to move him. He also reportedly kicked an officer, according to police documents.

Besides being  too heavy to lift, it was also obvious that he would not fit into a standard sized patrol car. The solution was to haul the man to jail with a prisoner transport van. He is now being held on $5000 bond and charged with battery, criminal mischief, resisting arrest, and DUI.

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