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Packages Containing Kidney Donor Tests Stolen Off Porch

The police have arrested a suspect that they believe is responsible for stealing packages off of the front doorstep of a home, and one of the packages reportedly contained medical testing supplies to help in locating a kidney donor for a woman in need of a transplant.

A woman who was told that she was suffering from a medical condition that would require a kidney transplant was in the process of learning if one of her cousins might be a match for the surgical procedure.

The testing supplies needed in order to determine if the woman’s cousin was a viable option for the donation were sent to the man’s Green Township home, where the package was left on the front porch between the screen and entry door.

The home contains a doorbell with a surveillance camera inside of it, and a video of the perpetrator was captured with the device.

After the missing delivery was reported to the authorities they posted the captured surveillance video on Facebook in an attempt to seek the help of the public in figuring out the identity of the person.

The Green Township police allegedly received a call from someone who said that they knew the man in the video and named 27-year-old Andrew Felix as the suspect for whom they were searching.

On Sunday, around 9:30 pm, Felix was taken into custody and charged with two counts of theft based on the allegations.

The testing kits that were taken from the residence were returned to their rightful owner and were not reported to have been damaged.

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