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Stash of Narcotics Found in Sack Marked “Bag Full of Drugs”

After a traffic stop was performed on a vehicle reportedly exceeding the posted speed limit, the driver and passenger were arrested for alleged drug trafficking when a bag marked “Bag Full of Drugs” containing several types of narcotics was found in the vehicle.

A Florida Highway Patrol officer reportedly spotted a 2020 Kia traveling in excess of 95-MPH on Interstate 10 in Santa Rosa County and pulled the vehicle over for the alleged offense.

The driver, 33-year old Ian Simmons, was accompanied by a passenger identified as Joshua Reinhardt, also 33.

When the trooper checked Simmons’s and Reinhardt’s records it was found that Reinhardt, who was on probation for an offense in Orange County, had a felony warrant out for his arrest for violating the terms. The discovery led to the trooper asking for additional law enforcement assistance at the scene.

A deputy with a K9 officer was sent to the location and when the K9 was introduced to the vehicle it was suspected that there were illegal substances stored inside based on the reaction from the furry crime fighter.

When the inside of the car was searched by the authorities they allegedly found what was purported to be 75 grams of meth, over a kilogram of the date-rape drug GHB, a gram of cocaine, 3.6 grams of fentanyl, MDMA tablets, and an assortment drug paraphernalia. The substances were reportedly inside of a novelty bag with the words “Bag Full of Drugs” printed on the outside.

Simmons and Reinhardt were taken into custody at the scene. They were each charged for suspicion of trafficking methamphetamine and GHB, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia, and booked into the county jail on an ordered $117,000 bond.

After the incident, the Sheriff’s Office posted a lighthearted Facebook update alerting possible future drug crime offenders that their K9’s are able to read.

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