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Perfume Thieves Went to McDonald’s After $2800 Kohl’s Heist

Two women in Pennsylvania are facing charges after allegedly swiping $2,800 worth of perfume from a Kohl’s store when the police found them at the McDonald’s located in the same shopping center.

On the afternoon of June 14, two 20-year-old women went together to a Kohl’s department store in a Hatfield Township shopping center. According to reports, they were each wearing a face mask while they were in the establishment.

When the women left the store, some of the employees were convinced that they had stolen several bottles of perfume off the shelves. They notified the authorities, and officers from the Hatfield Township Police were dispatched to the shopping center to investigate the claims.

The police arrived at approximately 2:45 pm. They learned from the employees that they believed the women ran off with the perfume and headed towards the McDonald’s nearby in the same shopping center.

It was reported that the officers headed to the fast food restaurant to see if the women in question were inside the eatery. When they got there, the police spotted two women that fit the description given by the workers at Kohl’s.

The women saw the police vehicle when it drove by, and they reportedly ran into the bathroom. They ran out of the restaurant as the officers walked in.

After chasing them a short distance, the police caught up to them. The officers reportedly retrieved two bags with perfume from Kohl’s from the McDonald’s bathroom, and they believed the women ditched them before they tried to flee.

They were both placed under arrest and preliminarily charged with felony conspiracy counts of retail theft and evading arrest. The women chose to remain silent and did not discuss the incident with the authorities.

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