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Piece of Boyfriend’s Thumb Bitten Off During Fight

In the heat of battle with his girlfriend last week, a man lost a part of his thumb when the woman allegedly removed it with her teeth while their children were watching.

39-year-old Yesenia Casiano and her boyfriend, who is also the father of one of her children and stepfather to the others, live together as a family in Lutz, Florida.

On Wednesday, Casiano and her beau were in their living room with the children present while they were reportedly engaging in a vicious verbal fight.

The intense quarreling reportedly escalated, and Casiano allegedly got physical with the man by biting him which removed a chunk of his thumb. She was also accused of kicking him in the stomach, in addition to striking him both open and close-fisted multiple times.

With the children still viewing, Casiano allegedly allowed the chunk of thumb to sit on the floor before letting the kids know that she was leaving the residence.

Before Pasco County Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the home the man had already headed to Suncoast Emergency Care for medical help to treat his injuries, and Casiano reportedly fled in a van and left the children behind.

The kids reportedly showed the severed piece of thumb to the deputies when they made it to the home, but it was not reported as to whether the alleged victim was able to have it reattached at the hospital.

For two days following the alleged domestic violence, Casiano’s location remained unknown.

When the authorities discovered her whereabouts on Friday, Casiano was taken into custody and she is facing charges for suspicion of aggravated battery causing bodily harm.

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