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Pistol Pulled During Fight over Bruno Mars Song

On a Friday evening, 71-year-old Roger D. Washburn was spending time with two of his friends at his home. They were unsure about who the singer of a popular song was and it became the subject of a debate.

One of the men said that he believed the song was sung by Bruno Mars, but Washburn did not agree. When the man, who has been friends with Washburn for half a century, provided proof of his claim the fight continued.

Washburn allegedly grabbed a handgun and struck his friend in the face and arm with it causing it to fire, but no one was hit by the bullet. His friend reportedly defensively swung at Washburn and the gun fired a second time.

Following the purported interaction, the alleged victim contacted the police and gave them his account of what had taken place. He had an injury on his cheek and forearm and there was blood on his pants, according to the police report. He was not reported to have been in need of medical assistance.

The police took Washburn into custody and charged him with one felony count of battery with injury, and one felony count of criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon.

When he gave a statement to the authorities Washburn allegedly said that he did hit his friend.

The other man present when the alleged dispute took place said that he believed Washburn may have been going through something because the reaction to the situation seemed out of character for him.

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