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Owner of Tween Channel on YouTube Allegedly Molested Young Actress

The creator of a popular tween channel on YouTube has been accused of a sex crime against an underage actress that was recently contracted for a series on the channel.

A YouTube vlog show called SevenSuperGirls shows new video content each day and the cast is comprised of many young girls between the ages of 8 and 18.

In early August, 55-year-old Ian Rylett who owns the channel which has millions of subscribers reportedly hired a new girl under the age of 16 to act in his production and had her sign a contract for the work she would do.

Within a week of the girl signing on with the cast of SevenSuperGirls Rylett allegedly asked her to meet him in a hotel room in Orange County, Florida.

The girl reported that while she was there Rylett asked her to remove her clothing and tried to instruct her on techniques she could employ in order for her body to reflect her as a younger age than she is. She said that he was demeaning in the way he spoke to her and that he touched her body without her consent. She additionally accused him of asking her to try on bikinis in front of him without wearing her underclothes and allegedly used her contractual obligation to attempt to gain her compliance.

The alleged victim said that she told Rylett to go ahead and fine her for breaking her contract and then got dressed.

Rylett was taken into custody on August 17 regarding the accusations and he is facing charges for lewd or lascivious battery of a minor less than 16. He was released after paying bail on September 14, and since he is a legal resident of Britain, he was stripped of his passport while he awaits his court date.

Some of the other performers from the network were questioned about their interactions with Rylett and they said that they had never been touched inappropriately by him.

YouTube has decided to allow the content to remain on their site but they have cut funding for the production due to the charges.

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